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Accessory Trends at Paris Fashion Week SS19

by TALKINGFASHION TEAM 05 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Accessory Trends at Paris Fashion Week SS19 written by Morgan Watkins

Paris Fashion Week sent the Spring/Summer 2019 circuit out with an exhilarating
bang, bringing forth incredible runway sets, inspired new designs, and a surplus of contemporary trends to try out next year. Although we must mourn the end of yet another fantastic season of fashion shows, we can at least revel in the beautiful creations that came to be these past few weeks. Read on for our favorite accessory moments at Paris Fashion Week SS19.


Nautical Vibes


(Image from een-on-the-runways-of-paris-fashion-week-spring-summer-2019/53048#le-collier-gri-gri- coquillage-du-defile-altuzarra-printemps-ete-2019_image4)

From models prancing barefoot down beach runways at Chanel to seashells hanging from necklaces at Altuzarra, nautical themes washed up at Paris Fashion Week in a big way. Chloé set sail with earthy tones and bohemian energy, aptly complemented by rope belts loosely looped around the hips, reigning in easy breezy silhouettes, textured fabrics and frayed fringe.


Heavy Metal


(Image from

Chain belts linked to the shining letters of Chanel were layered generously to add a tinny element to the chic and modern designs of Karl Lagerfeld at their manmade beachfront show. Similarly, Givenchy stunned audiences with silvery metallic earrings contrasting military inspired paper bag trousers. Balmain decided to join in on the fun as well, cinching models’ waists with thick and intricate metal belts to create wildly imagined shapes with artistically crafted silhouettes.


Hats Off


(Image from

Extravagant headwear was larger than life in Paris as designers went with outlandish, kooky and even fruity creations to top off their looks. Thom Browne was a standout as he sent models down the catwalk sporting oversized watermelons and juicy pineapple fixtures atop their heads, making for a deliciously lighthearted collection. With a less theatrical approach that still packed a punch of drama, Valentino produced vividly hued bucket hats and a modern and gargantuan take on a spring/summer staple: the straw hat.


Choked Up

(Image from

Could it be that chokers are making yet another comeback in 2019? Aalto, Dior and Alexander McQueen say so, with each fashion giant giving the classic 90s accessory their own modern twists. Aalto’s necklaces, comprised of gold and silver wire daintily woven together, were airy and simplistic, while logos and chains hardened Dior’s moody and eclectic show. Alexander McQueen’s chunky metallic chokers paired beautifully with the fierce yet elegant collection, featuring everything from slick black leather getups to sleeveless suit ensembles tailored under thick body chains.

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