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Admired Fashion Designer - Pierre Cardin

by Sarah Everett 29 May 2018 0 Comments

The Beginning

Italian designer Pierre Cardin is a prominently well known and admired man. He has always been passionate for design. Initially, he began studying architecture as a young man. This was only a brief amount of time compared to what he accomplished after. Pierre joined the house of Paquin in 1945 to establish his career in fashion design. Due to this, Pierre was given more opportunities to elevate his career further. He was given the opportunity to work with Christian Berard and Jean Cocteau. This was work on the film La Belle et la bete in 1946. Cardin then worked for Christian Dior briefly before going out on his own. 

Rising Designer 

While working at Dior, Cardin designed lots of different products. He designed women's coats and suits in 1946 - 1949. His unusual inspirations and intuition frequently made him a trendsetting and fashion design leader. He soon expanded to both men and women's wear to investigate all aspects of modern fashion. 

Cardin has made a name for himself and when fashion followers hear his name, they instantly know there are some interesting fashions to follow. In the 1960s, advances in technology and fabric production/manipulation became more innovative. As it progressed, so did Cardin's designs. He was fascinated in space exploration. Thus, he designed a Space Age or Cosmocorps collection in 1964. These designs were meant to skim the body for both men and women. The resemblance they have to uniforms is uncanny. Yet, he made these garments fashionable. 

The Business Side

There is much more than just the design aspect to fashion. The business side is one of them. While working under Dior, Cardin got hands on experience with it and learned much about it. Cardin now needed to utilize those skills for his own company. He wanted to find ways to globally expand his company. He was successful in this and expanded towards the Japanese market with enthusiasm. At his peak of expansion in 1969, Cardin had nearly 200 factories all over the world! 

Influential Designer 

Cardin became so well known, other designers got their influence from him. In the 21st century, he included a wide range of products to sell, such as accessories and handbags. However, Cardin realized he needed a logo. It's difficult to brand products without them. This is important so consumers know which brand to come back to. 

Successful Designer 

Some criticize Cardin for his amount of overexposure. Mostly due to the accelerated rate of expansion of his product lines before the 21st century began. Cardin, however, was known and identified by the public as a designer with high quality and high standards. He stood out so much more than other designs. His inclusion of modern day business aided his career immensely in the fashion world. This made him an incredibly successful and wealthy man. 

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