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Color and Fashion: Black and White

By Paige McKirahan


As a true classic color combination, black and white has been at the head of major fashion movements whether they be minimalist, sophisticated, or grungy. We typically associate black and white color palettes with more old school style and most certainly old Hollywood glamour; the presence of black and white film during times of high profile fashion events can prompt this association, even though the clothing itself could have been in color! 



This relaxed color palette, especially when it is applied to clothing, can set the tone for an entire look. It allows for stand out accessories or jewelry to pop more than ever, especially when accented with a brightly colored accent piece for contrast. Though it seems quite simple, it can add an edginess to a look that could not have been achieved with full color pieces. You can dress up these subdued hues with any type of accessories whether they be colored or colorless gems, coordinating black and white pieces, or wildly patterned accessories.



A lack of vibrant shades should not be a concern, as black and white works well in any context from a night at the ball or an afternoon at the coffee shop! Accessorize your look with some of our black and white jewelry, or amp up your black and white clothing with some of our more flamboyant pieces! Whichever way you decide to style this trend, you can be certain that your chicness will shine (even during this Halloween season!)



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