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Color and Fashion: Effects on Mood

by Paige McKirahan 25 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Color and Fashion: Mood

By Paige McKirahan


Welcome back, TalkingFashion readers! Does our last black and white article have you feeling down? Did the Pantone colors make you feel energized and excited? Artists and psychologists alike have come to the conclusion that colors tend to have a powerful effect on one’s mood and emotions. Like clothing, color can be an impactful communication tool that can convey feelings and prompt action; we have to ask now, though, how exactly does color affect our moods and behaviors?

Despite the fact that the perceptions regarding the emotional effects of color are relatively subjective, some have deep rooted connotations. For example, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow can evoke a range of emotions from comfort to anger. Cooler colors, such as blue, purple, and green, tend to prompt feelings of calmness or sadness. In fact, blue is considered to be the most highly favored color; its association with good things like clean water, clear skies, or beautiful gemstones give it this popular reputation. People typically prefer colors that they associate with things they consider to be good or things they love, and this preference can influence their purchases tenfold.

Even though it seems as if there should be a wide range of research supporting claims about color and their connotations, the psychology behind color and mood is relatively undocumented. Regardless, it is important to continue delving deep into the study of these preferences in order to further understand human nature. Read on below to see how each color is said to affect emotions (as well as some pieces in our shop that can help you test the effects of these hues)!


Though black tends to be highly associated with feels of evil and unhappiness, it can also have more positive connotations regarding power, professionalism, and mysticism.


Other than sadness, blue is commonly associated with good things like calmness, loyalty, and tranquility.



Some feel that red can correlates to more intense emotions like passion, aggression, love, or excitement.


Envy is one color most widely associated with green, but it can also prompt feelings of hope and success.

Yellow and Orange:

As one of some of only colors with no real negative connotations, yellow and orange hues both tend to cue feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.


As a cool color, purple has undertones that point to luxury, wisdom, wealth, and royalty.


When looking at white, expect to associate it with ideas of purity, innocence, and cleanliness.

Keep an eye on the blog this week for more discussions of color, pattern, and style in fashion! 

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