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Edgy fashion designer Betsey Johnson is known for her offbeat style and whimsical designs. She was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut and grew up in a close town of Terryville. This was where she satisfied two of her favorite hobbies: dancing and drawing. Many of her afternoons consisted of sketching costume ideas, which was inspired by the elaborate costumes worn for her dance recitals. 


Upon completing high school, Johnson pursued her art and design interests. She graduated from Syracuse University. Nearly immediately after graduating, Johnson entered and won the Mademoiselle Guest Editor Contest.

Ambitious Fashion Designer 

One year later, she got a job as a designer for Paraphernalia, a boutique in NYC that matches Johnson's style. 

In 1970, Johnson decided to move to a different job. She left Paraphernalia to gain control of creativity of Alley Cat, an active, youthful brand. She pursued her love of design in the fashion world, where she designed with intense and eccentric colors. Her work was so honorable, she won the prestigious Coty Fashion Critics Award at the age of 29. She was the youngest designer ever to earn the recognition. She designs confidently. 

The Betsey Johnson Label 

The punk movement began in the late 1970s. She and Chantal Bacon started their own company - The Betsey Johnson label. Together, they opened the first retail store in Manhattan. It was in the fashionable neighborhood, which brought more attention. 

Due to this, the Betsey Johnson Label steadily grew. Not only did it grow in size, but they reputation grew positively, as well. The company now has 65 stores worldwide. 

Brand Growth 

Johnson continued to re-imagine her brand. She expanded her label into a lifestyle brand. This brought in more accessories such as jewelry and handbags. The same eccentric and vibrant colors and style are still being used to this day. You can find her online many websites, her own stores, and social media. 


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