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Among many other things, I collect clown figural stuff... from dolls and pictures all way to jewelry.. That is how I discovered Dorian Designs Jewelry.

From what I have observed online they are just starting to become a valuable collectible item, and prices are raising. They use to cost like $20 and now you can run into some priced at $100. The real old vintage original pieces from the 80s are obviously harder to find and therefore priced higher.

They are not (yet) priced as the more famous jewelry maker such as Flying Colors, Ruby Z and Parrot Pearls. Granted these brands all use ceramic as medium; instead of wood like Dorian Designs; nonetheless they all show great craftsmanship. 

As someone who loves wearing whimsical novelty jewelry, I collect and wear them all.

Anyhow, a former boutique owner recently approached me to re-sell her old inventory. OMG I was so excited to receive this package on the mail and what a blast was to unpack all these cuties, all original pieces from the 80s new never used. Some of the design styles I have never seen before, some I did (but not in NOS perfect condition).

These treasures are now up for sale in the shop. They are all super pretty on every detail and very fun to wear! Check them all out here: https://talkingfashion.myshopify.com/collections/dorian-designs

Have fun shopping :)

Priscila / talkingfashion founder



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