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Festival Fashionistas: Who to Follow

by Paige McKirahan 12 Apr 2019 0 Comments

Festival Fashionistas: Who to Follow 

By Paige McKirahan


If you are like the thousands of other music lovers gearing up for a summer full of festival fun, you may be left in a panic wondering how you are going to come up with enough fashion-forward festival fits to last the whole season! Fear not, fashionistas; we here at TalkingFashion are here to tell you whos who in festival fashion offering great aesthetic inspiration. From Vanessa Hudgens to Gigi Hadid, many Coachella Valley patrons cut no corners when it comes to creating the perfect bohemian look fit for the runway, so read on to see who else is using the festival grounds as their own personal Insta-set to showcase their best Coachella-approved looks!


Elle Ferguson

As a festival regular, this fashionista knows the whos and whats of creating the season's most Instagrammable looks! We love her western inspired bag and her bangles create the perfect pop of color in her otherwise minimalist outfit!


This NYC based best selling authors trades her pen for cowboy boots to saddle up for festival season. We are OBSESSED with this kitschy dress and love her use of layered necklaces to complement the look!

Camila Coelho

This member of Forbes 30 under 30 list spares no expense when it comes to creating the perfect festival fit. She is right on trend with her use of the uber popular hair accessory and love the pop of pink with her cool sunglasses that immediately caught our eyes!

Aggie Lal

As the human embodiment of cool girl style, Aggie Lal lets her LA roots shine through with her festival style. Look to her Instagram if you have an affinity for California chic aesthetics with a hint of grunge and good vibes!

Emma Rose

This West-coast girl's effortless style climbs to new heights during festival season, with her squad of chicly dress pals being one of her most stylish accessories. Whether she's sporting a cow print bikini with leather chaps or a bohemian mini dress, she knows how to work the weather and use Coachella Valley as her own personal runway!

If these Instagram fashionistas have you inspired and ready for some festival fun, check out our latest blog post detailing how we can help you gear up for all of your favorite music events this summer! If you haven't followed any of these fabulous fashionistas already, head to Instagram now for even more of their amazing looks! For more festival fashionista's check out this article from Husskie!


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