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Milan Fashion Week SS’19 Accessories Trend Spotlight

by Paige McKirahan 05 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Milan Fashion Week SS’19 Accessories Trend Spotlight

By Paige McKirahan


Hello again, fashionistas! As Milan Fashion Week reached its conclusion on September 25th, we thought that we would reflect its most popular trends predicted for the spring and summer seasons of 2019. Of course, many popular themes and aesthetics from New York and London were seen making their way down Milan runways; eye-catching neon and tie dye packed a punch in visually stimulating collections from Prada to Armani. We may have had novelty bags emulating food in London, but picnic-inspired motifs wowed in Dolce & Gabbana’s line along with their garden themed collection. Moschino, like many other brands, looked to the ‘80s for some vibrant inspiration, giving us Matisse vibes with their brightly colored tights and color coated metals featuring scribble details.



Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana 

(photo credit to

Continuing on from London, feminine aesthetics still reigned as vintage inspired florals bloomed on scarves, rings, earrings, and bags from Fendi and Versace. We also found new inspiration in beach style motifs with shells; though they usually tend to be a more bohemian concept, they were spiced up to a new level as they were mixed with metals, crystals, and pearls as displayed in Missoni and Etro’s collections. Moschino’s coated metals not your style? No need to fret; oversized pieces made from metals in burnished hues saturated the runway, greatly contrasting the delicate fringe and ribbon details in ready to wear pieces from a multitude of designers. Though we typically associated fringe with Western style, Byblos used bright colors and Brazil-like silks to offer a spin on the classic trend.



Byblos and Etro

(photo credit to

Asymmetrical and single style earrings captured the interest of many designers in Milan, with pieces ranging from simple, geometric styles to large, resin disks. Accessories also favored tubular constructions in both jewelry and shoes alike, with Tod’s putting their own twist on the style by added a scarf-like finish. Woven pieces have been a fashion staple for decades, but their Milan revival for summer 2019 offers a more grown up, darker glamour than the classic sandy-colored trend. Are you dying to pump up your wardrobe with some of Milan’s favorites in preparation for next year? Look no further than our collection, which includes all of these trends and more!



Tod’s, Arthur Arbesser, and Alberta Ferretti

(photo credit to



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