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NYFW Spotlight: Anna Sui’s Star-Studded Dreamworld

by Paige McKirahan 14 Sep 2018 0 Comments

NYFW Spotlight: Anna Sui’s Star-Studded Dreamworld

By Paige McKirahan

Welcome back to our NYFW spotlight, style enthusiasts! Today, we have decided to take a look at the vibrant collection from Anna Sui as she takes us on a bohemian adventure inspired by flea market chic. Taking note from the 1955 film “Kismet”, Sui tells that she was influenced by a scene in the movie where they were moving through a brightly colored marketplace; the designer explains that she is a flea market aficionado and seeks them out in every city that she travels to. She wanted to emulate that escapist fantasy and did so beautifully with these pieces as she gave us a wanderlust aesthetic that was hard to look away from.


A screengrab from Kismet

(photo credit to Google Images)

For this marvelous collection, Sui chose to use vibrant colors and daring patterns with a variety of loose, easy silhouettes that popped against the neutral gold set. Many looks were made of silk and featured shorts, loose fitting pants, glittery dresses, satin shirts, and Polynesian jumpsuits. Finished in fish scale sequins and fringe, the collection was completed with head scarves, flatform sandals, and long, chunky necklaces. This market fashion grabbed the attention of some of big names with filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, his daughter Sofia Coppola, and queen Naomi Campbell all seated in the front row. The crowd wasn’t the only place where faces could be so easily recognized; the Hadid sisters, Kaia Gerber, and Taylor Hill all strutted down the runway, displaying this collection with fierce elegance. Here are a few of our favorites from the show. What do you think- marketplace magnificence or flea market faux pas?


(photo credit to

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