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NYFW Spotlight: Christian Siriano’s Hawaiian Chic

by Paige McKirahan 11 Sep 2018 0 Comments

NYFW Spotlight: Christian Siriano’s Hawaiian Chic

By Paige McKirahan

Hello again, fashion lovers! For our next NYFW spotlight, we decided to take a look into the vibrant and tropical collection designed by Christian Siriano as he takes us on a sultry getaway for SS 2019. Though the weather may be getting colder, this designer turned up the heat Saturday at his show in New York’s Gotham Hall, choosing to break away from the Spring Studios venue that is the headquarters for this season’s shows. Sitting front row for this island escape included Tiffany Haddish, Sarah Hyland, Whoopi Goldberg, and one of fashions most beloved best friends, Cynthia Nixon. Nixon is current running for governor of New York and Siriano made his support known with a piece in the collection reading “Vote for Cynthia” in a simple print on a solid shirt.


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The designer said he found inspiration for his playful collection in chic island life aesthetics; he wanted the designs to be fun, colorful, and romantic, while still being visually powerful and exciting. He was truly influenced by the perfect dream Hawaiian vacation and he emulated it wonderfully with refinement and elegance. The collection begins with an assortment of colors and animal prints in daring silhouettes, while slowly incorporating tropical florals and vibrant neon’s. Siriano paid no mind to the fashion world norms as he had models of all skin and body types walking in his pieces, giving us a chance to see how the designs work beautifully on everyone. It was hard to pick only a few favorites from such a gorgeous collection, but we managed to choose five looks we feel really allowed his island inspiration to shine through. What do you think—tropical bliss or huge miss?


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Remember to keep checking in on the blog as we will continue to spotlight our favorite Fashion Week shows and designers! To watch the magic happen on the runway in real time, head over to to view NYFW’s personal livestream!

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