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NYFW Spotlight: Rodarte’s Meditative Return to New York

By Paige McKirahan

Greetings, style aficionados! For our final spotlight this week, we have decided to take a look at the Rodarte’s triumphant return to NYFW after a two-year hiatus. The romantic collection is quite possibly one of our favorite shows of the week; the bold, ‘80s inspired show was put on display in New York’s Marble Cemetery, moving away from the Spring Studio venue in pursuit of a more dramatic aesthetic. Drama is what they found as the rain paired with their dark set allowed the bright, flamboyant pieces to truly stand out. 


Photo taken during Rodarte show

(photo credit Google images)

The brand, known for its moody and ethereal aesthetics, could not have planned for a more perfect setting to compliment a collection filled with tulle, floral headwear, art deco jewelry, and oversized shoulder pieces. Inspired by Picasso and Kate Bush (diverse, we know), The Mulleavy sisters said that the set was meant to be a meditation on creativity. This rumination resulted in a dazzling display, incorporating pieces that garnered influence from a multitude of eras. The collection of gowns is cohesive, but also catering to a variety of styles ranging from ‘80s opulence to bohemian chic. Picking favorites proved to be especially difficult as there was not one piece that we did not like, but we managed to chose the following pieces as we felt they captured the essence of the collection perfectly. What do you think- graveyard smash or belongs in the trash?


(photo credit to elle.com)


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