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There are so many stunning looks these colors can create, together or alone. 
Earlier today, I was struggling to precisely describe this unique soft rose pink color I have on this beautifully done bracelet from the past.. I could not find a great color description until when I took a break to browse some of the most recents runway shows... Voila!
Pantene Dusty Cedar         


I found the answer to my question:
Dusty Cedar
Yes, Im in love with the color, the shades, the name, the combinations, the possibilities (and these looks.. I will take the emerald green one please!)
Anyways, here it is the initial reason behind today's posting :) 
Do you like this color mix? Would you wear all seasons? Yes? No? Let me know why?
And to close it off, some extra info just because I love talking colors...
  • Pink = Compassion, nurturing and love.
  • Green = Balance, harmony and growth.
  • Blue = Freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration and sensitivity.

See you next time!

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