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Paris Fashion Week SS’19 Accessories Trend Spotlight

By Paige McKirahan


Hello, fashion week aficionados! As a month of fabulous spring and summer fashion is finally coming to a close, we wanted to take some time to discuss the biggest trends on the Paris runways to conclude our fashion week series. Paris Fashion Week, beginning on September 24th and ending October 2nd, stunned with styles that emulated popular trends from New York, London, and Milan. Single statement earrings reigned in Balmain and Loewe’s shows, with oversized silver and feather-adorned pieces perfectly accompanying their flowing silhouettes. Off-White showed their appreciation for the neon trend with bright green accessories complimenting the white, athletic inspired designs.



Balmain and Off-White

(photo credit to elle.com)

The tropical aesthetics that dominated in New York were a favorite in Paris as well, with Ottolinger taking island motifs and creating a surfer inspired show that boasted chain link bags and colorful scarves that seem as if they washed up from another world. Transparent lucite pieces stole the show as Anrealage and Balmain went back to the ‘80s to create clear bangles, bags, and dramatic chandelier inspired headpieces. Scarves and classic prints were a favorite of the Marine Serre show, as their eclectic line also boasted spherical novelty bags and transparent wearables. Metals were coveted in Milan and it seems that their popularity was only heightened in Paris as Saint Laurent used shiny accents in everything from belts to eye masks.





Anrealage, Balmain, and Marine Serre

(image credits to accessoriesmagazine.com)

People that claim that everything is bigger in Texas have obviously never seen a show on the Paris runways; towering headpieces from Rick Owens and elongated necklaces from Gucci illustrates our love for all things oversized. If you’re not a fan of the tiny sunglasses trend that has overtaken the fashion industry, many designers seem to share your sentiment as they are beginning to move back to the classic bug-eyed look. Paris undoubtedly showed our love for excess as bangles stacked to the elbow and rings on every finger were staples in Dries Van Noten and Chloe shows. The only thing that seemed to be downsized in Paris were the bags; tiny clutches and wearable pouches were all the rage in lines all week long. Now that we have covered the trends from all over the globe in of one fashion’s favorite months, what were your favorites? Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to find them; check out our collection for some of the hottest spring and summer trends that are just a few clicks away!




Chloe, Loewe, and Rick Owens

 (image credit to elle.com)



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