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Rossignol's Ski Success

by Global PR Agency 09 Jan 2019 0 Comments

Rossignal's Ski Success


Wherever you may be, are you surrounded by snow? If not, we will take you on a trip to Las Leñas Ski Resort, a beautiful spot in Mendoza, Argentina.

Today, I am sharing a personal experience from my teen years when I visited the beautiful Las Leñas for my first ski trip. My dad and I spent 15 days in the mountains going up and down all day long, as any typical first timer would do.

At night, we would go out around the resort area; most of the evenings my dad went to play cards, while I went out dancing in the some of the most fantastic nightclubs around the globe. What a blast it was! Some of these places were incredible-- I'm talking glass buildings with multiple activities happening on every floor. The music, people, clothes (it was 1986 so you can imagine); everything was amazing!

It was during that trip when I got hooked to Rossignol Sunglasses. My first pair featured mirrored lenses held by a black frame. Rossignol, a French ski goods company, was founded in 1907 by Abel Rossignol; as a carpenter who was an avid skier, he used wood products from his textile company to craft a pair of skis out of solid wood.

Abel began selling his wooden skis, capturing the attention of recreationalists all across Europe. His work was highly regarded and sold well, putting his factory at the forefront during World War I when skis were needed for the Army. The company was shot to true global fame in 1937 when Frenchman Émile Allais became triple world champion using Rossignol Olympic 41 skis. 

Allais began collaborating with Rossignol, and together they created dynamic designs and brought in a new partner Boix-Vives, a lift builder. He began funding their factory and Allais and Abel worked create laminated aluminum skis and then in 1964, the brand released its first fiberglass ski dubbed the Strato. In the following decade, Rossignol became the world’s largest ski manufacturer after the construction of an American distribution company. 

Even though the company does not currently still hold that top spot, they remain one of the strongest ski brands in winter sports. The brand’s line of cold weather wear that includes skis, sunglasses, and other slope accessories has withstood the test of time and has been a cornerstone of the industry for over a century. With more Olympic and world titles than we can count on both hands, Rossignol is undoubtedly a trustable brand that delivers great products time and time again (and we attest to that!). Want some of this iconic ski wear of your own to help you brave the winter winds? Check out our Rossignol collection!



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