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A Long History 

Have you ever thought about the history of a fashion product? As in, the evolution of it and how it transitioned to the way it is styled today? Typically, trends come and go. But the scarf trend has not gone away and has been around since B.C. times. That goes all the way back to queen Nefertiti wearing a finely woven scarf topped by a conical headdress in 1350 B.C.! People used fashion as a way to show their class during those times. 


More Than Just a Cloth 

Scarves were not always worn as a fashion statement. Emperor Nero was rarely seen in public without his around his neck in 60 A.D. It was called his sudarium (or sweat cloth). This was practical and it showed his class, being multi-functional. There was some evolution going on with the scarf due to this. The scarf is now being seen as multi-functional. 


Scarf Evolution 

Skipping forward many years later, people begin making and selling their own scarves. With more people populating the planet, that equates to businesses beginning. As we continue to include the scarf in fashion businesses in time, the scarf evolves a bit. It became a product people usually only wore in the winter to keep warm. Years pass, then it became something you can wear for anything, such as a headdress, headband, belt, bracelet, even a top, and so on. 


A Multi-Functional Fashion Product 

The scarf quickly became an even larger trend everybody wanted in on. Fashion retailers everywhere started buying and selling more scarves. The best part about scarves is that they are multi-functional in fashion and multi-functional for functional purposes. Today, you can find them all year around for this exact reason. 


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