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Why Gloves? 

Welcome back to daily fashion, gloves. Nearly everybody owns at least one pair of gloves. We are not talking about basic winter gloves. We are talking about elegant and fashionable gloves that cover your forearm (and sometimes past that!). 


Gloves are typically used as a practical accessory these days to stay warm, rather than a fashionable accessory. Thin fabrics were used for gloves to be worn in the summer when they were trendy. It's time for gloves to come back to fashion! 

Gloves Return to Fashion 

Gloves are making a come back in the fashion world! Fall/Winter 2018 will show how popular gloves are becoming. Fashionable gloves can create an elegance to an outfit. They can create an astonishing look simply by adding them to a regular outfit. They're easy to add, as well. 

Gucci F/W 18

Historic Aspect 

The Victorian Era is where fashionable gloves began. Gloves continued to progress in fashion throughout the 1900s - 1960s. They were the inspiration to the return of the trend of gloves. 


Do you ever go out without your wallet or your hand bag? Most do not. That is how individuals treated their gloves - they never left the house without them on. Gloves were the symbolization to a woman's class. They also could hide her class. Prosperous, wealthy women had delicate, pale, and smooth hands. Whereas lower class women had rough, tan, and scarred hands. The fashion of gloves allowed them to elevate themselves into an improved life. 


Modesty was crucial for women, reflected in the way they dress. Gloves covered more of their body. This was exceptionally important in a woman's teenage years through her twenties. Bare skin was unladylike back then. 


Now that woman are not shunned for exposing their skin as much as they were back then, elbow-length gloves become unnecessary. Much of those gloves still exist to this day. Often in fashion, we look for new trends and tend to repeat trends after decades without the trend. Fashion gloves will soon be applied to every day wear. 

Glove Advertisement SS 1950s


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