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The Return of the ‘80s: Fall Fashion
by Paige McKirahan


Yes, you read that correctly. As one of the most questionable, yet daring decades’ fashions are coming back in style, it is hard to wonder how to make such wild aesthetics chic again in a time where minimalism seems to reign. Well, wonder not, fashion lovers; our favorite designers have already set the guidelines for this fall ‘80s revival at fashion week this past spring.


Bold and dramatic looks with intense cheek contouring, electric neons, wild animal prints, and shoulder pads are making a bold return to runways, fighting the ‘90s revival that has taken reign in the past few years. Voluminous pieces and sequins ran free in Halpern’s fall 2018 show, while Saint Laurent and Gareth Puch loved the shoulder pad look for their collections. 



From first to last: Halpern, Garath Puch, and Saint Laurent looks from NYFW Fall 2018

If you’re baffled by this trend, you’re not alone; all major news outlets are discussing this fascination with styles of decades’ past. The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Vogue alike are trying to decipher the reasoning behind the popularization of fashions that seemed like they were in the archives for good. But, here is the secret that is being told as fashion evolves and we see vintage style prevail: generations of consumers that don’t experience decades in person, want to experience the clothing that was previously popular in the now. Embracing the muchness of the decade, millennials and Gen Z’ers wear this aesthetic with feelings of ironic joy while their parents look on with a sort of conflicting amusement. I say that the resurgence of these flamboyant silhouettes is for anyone, so dig in your closet (or in our collection!) for some old school pieces and prepare for fashion time travel to an era where bigger was always better.


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