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The SS ’19 Scarf Revival

By Paige McKirahan

Is the impending cold weather giving you the winter blues before the season has even begun? Are you already scrambling to find gifts for your friends, whether they be fashion experts or trend amateurs? Scramble no longer, TalkingFashion readers; we have a wide collection of the one of the best spring 2019 trends that are sure to wow everyone on your list. As we have finally reached the conclusion of Fashion Month, bloggers and high profile magazines alike have begun to rounding up of the most prominent accessories seen gliding down runways this past September. They all have one favorite in common: the scarf. Across the globe, designers seemed to adore scarves whether they be fashioned into bags, wrapped around heads or even sewn together to make clothing.

In Paris, designers took scarf design to a new level when prints and fabrics commonly used for the accessory were instead fashioned to create clothing. Chloe loved the trend and attached long, flowing scarves to belts, giving us superhero chic with her feminine collection. Marine Serre and Ottolinger also boasted scarf like designs as many pieces in their collections emulated classic scarf motifs with ease. The bright colors, flowing silhouettes, and expressive patterns were visually stimulating and offered a new take on the classic aesthetic.



Ottolinger and Chloe SS’19

(photo credit to accessoriesmagazine.com)

Though runways in Paris boasted versatile ways to wear scarves, the most popular use for these fantastic pieces seemed to revolve around the head. Though it may appear that head-covering accessories are some of the most divisive in the fashion community, it is clear that designers agree that this long standing trend is here to stay. Tom Ford and Michael Kors alike featured a wide variety of head wraps with color palettes ranging from minimalistic chic to vibrant couture. Kate Spade’s SS ‘19 collection is quite possibly the most scarf filled of them all as almost every single model strutting down her runway was adorned with the fabric pieces around their neck or their heads. Whether you’re looking to accessorize your hair in style or simply elevate a look with ease, scarves offer a fashionable option that even the style amateurs in your life can rock!



Michael Kors, Tom Ford, and Kate Spade SS ‘19

(Image credits to elle.com)




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