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Timmy Woods: A Fascinating Figural Designer

By Paige McKirahan


On the topic of figural designs that are both modern and vintage, our favorite current designer that is adopting this unique motif is Timmy Woods. Hailing from Beverly Hills, this handbag aficionado has gained international fame for her original, one-of-a-kind pieces that can be seen on televisions, in prints, on runways, in stores, and on red carpets all around the globe.

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills Collection


Her personalized handbags have made her a household name and can match anyone’s tastes from those going to Hollywood premieres to those looking for a new, affordable addition to the accessory closet. She has been seen on screens everywhere in programs including Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan, TVSN Australia, HSN, QVC USA, and the Thai Home Shopping Network. She works with both wood and leather when designing her bags; all of them are hand carved, making them a great gift that can also be used as home décor! If you need a last minute gift for the figural fanatic on your list, check out our Timmy Woods collection!


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