We are expending operations for talkingfashion Inc. Our fashion group exists to benefit people and the planet. Five years ago, we started expanding its operations beyond ecommerce and special events to incorporate fashion education. The education pillar solidifies our mission to empower people. We plan to expand our impact as we grow as a social enterprise.
Our educational programs connect to all genders and ages with many students starting as early as 5 years old. Priscila's personal style, culture and self-expression amalgamated in a melting pot reflective of her childhood in the heart of such a megalopolis as Sao Paulo City in Brazil.
She is half descent of European and half indigenous Amazonian. Like her heritage (and personal wardrobe), her work pulls from multiple cultures and sparks on multifaceted ways. We are a minority-owned business that supports intergenerational equity. We genuinely love to empower individuals of all ages to be and express themselves. We all enjoy life at its best by feeling confident and understanding the little details that bring the power of fashion to your life. 
The need to spruce up the drab uniform of the Catholic school she attended, helped her realize the power of fashion. At the age of 12, she displayed an enterprising mind and started a business selling jewelry, helping others to live their own dreams and show their individuality and personal style. She would clear the inventories of local high end fashion boutiques and bring a large selection of jewelry and accessories to her peers to shop during school recess.
Eccentricity and individualism are part of the joy of living. When not in school, she was frequenting flea markets and interacting with a plethora of local artists and street vendors in her native vibrant city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. By the age of 16, she was running a fashion business promoting freedom, individuality, confidence, self-expression, and passion to enjoy life. 
We care for people and our planet. We practice circular fashion in multiple ways including shopping second-hand, promoting thrifting, selling vintage, reusing shipping supplies, and the list goes on. Our fashion students use recycled materials and upcycle textiles and accessories. By extending the lifespan of clothes, accessories, and all objects, we are giving back to our planet and future generations. Together, we can all create a better world where we all want to live in. Fashion is our way of living and we care for the future of our planet.