We offer amazing accessories and jewels with a dream to bring joy to the world and empower people to dream and create your own world filled with jewelry magic. Our inclusive collection does not discriminate against any style or era. We love both costume and fine jewelry. Interesting design, sustainable practices, inclusive aesthetic and unique style are the pillars that hold luxboheme.

Old and new designs are sourced from all over the world. We dig for the stories and love the opportunity of connecting with the amazing people behind them. We share special moments together and create life memories that last forever.

We are always sourcing new pieces and sharing with avid jewelry collectors, accessories lovers and fashion buyers. Many of our clients work in the fashion and entertainment industries. From movie stylists to royalty, our clients are the perfect mix for our eclectic and unique selection.  

Our mission is to add magic to people's lives. Our purpose is to empower people to find their personal styles...

We believe in the power of fashion. I dont care if they call us crazy. 

We envision a world where everyone wears what they love, every day. We want to be part of this world, we want to create magic together with all the jewelry lovers out there. 

Sourcing from places that support sustainability matters to us. Old or new, recycled or upcycled, we mix them all as we create our daily looks. Sometimes we stack them up like crazy and smile thinking of our idol Iris Apfel "more is more and less is a bore". Some other times, we are very content with one simple yet amazing ring alone. Each piece carries its own magic, beauty and story.

Regardless to how we decide to dress, jewelry and accessories gives the clue. Our motto is "Wear what you love, every day". Luxboheme's mission is to empower you to create the life you want to live. Our curated jewelry and accessories, old or new, are sustainable.


I dream of a world covered in jewelry. A million jewels is all its going to take.