Talkingfashion Inc. is a multi-level business and a global community of passionate, creative and innovative people who understands that fashion is powerful, but personal style is even more. 

Our clients know we don't need all the bijoux and accessories to step outside the house. They understand its a matter of joy and personality. They love creating a character that suits their mood for the day or the party. They are playful and just love accessorizing. 

We are small company made of dreamers who breath our mission: helping individuals realize they can wear what they love, everyday. 

We always create a dynamic and energizing environment that will inspire, challenge, and excite you as you develop your career. Embedded in our DNA is the creativity that is developed and nurtured here. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you see yourself fitting in, and what you would hope to get out of the experience. 

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Current Openings: 

SS'21 Virtual Internship /   Job Description

Students will learn through observation and hands-on application.

We are currently offering internships in the following areas:

  • Creative Writing (Blog and Social Media platforms)
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Graphic Design (social media visual story telling)
  • Video Production (social media- animation and product promo)
  • Sales (social store management)

    • Currently enrolled in college and ability to intern 8+ hours per week for at least one full semester

    • Proficiency in Microsoft and Adobe programs

    • Strong communication skills both verbal and written

    • Professional demeanor

    • Creative

    • Ability to take initiative

    • Willingness to learn and good listener

    • Past experience in the fashion industry preferred

    Note: Interns may decide to earn academic credit


    Additional Information
    Talkingfashion inc. is an Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer (M/F/D/V)

    TALKINGFASHION is the global destination for eclectic bijoux and accessories.