Pauline Rader Vintage Jewelry Egyptian Revival Necklace

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Fantastic Egyptian Revival Iconic necklace by Pauline Rader 

Approx. measurements: pendant is 4" across. From the top of the chain to the bottom where it meets the pendant its 7" long on each side.

True Vintage Jewelry, c.1970s

Very good vintage condition, all authentic, nothing missing 

It will be carefully wrapped to ensure its safe travels. It would make a wonderful gift to many jewelry collectors and PR fans.

talkingfashion notes from the site kaleidoscope: Pauline Rider is designer of the highest level, whose works are rare and collectible. Pauline grew up in a family of jeweler, and from childhood was keen on family affair. About her personal life is known that the designer was happily married and gave birth to three children. Her brand was opened in 1962, and Pauline Rader began making fantastic decorations in a variety of styles. She was very fond of lions, tigers, insects and turtles, although that did not prevent her to create classic decorations. As a young, Madame Ryder specialized in the art of ancient Greece and Rome, many of her decorations are made in the Etruscan style, or in the style of ancient jewelry. In 1982, the brand ceased to exist.