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Vendome Vintage Jewelry Floral Oriental Vase Pin Brooch

Vendome Vintage Jewelry Floral Oriental Vase Pin Brooch

$ 125.00

  • Wonderful 3D to the flowers which have centered rhinestones in the colors red/pink and blue, all Ab coated and faceted. Behind the front larger flowers, you will find delicate smaller flowers enameled in white and green with tiny pearls beads. Great details. High quality piece; marked "Vendome"
  • True Vintage Jewelry, c. 1940-50s
  • Approx. size: 2.5 x 2 inches
  • Excellent vintage condition, all looks authentic, original, genuine, functional and ready to wear. 
  • It will come carefully wrapped to ensure its safe travel. It could be a gift!


Designers Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg started their own shop in New York founded earyly 1900s selling costume jewellery and accessories, they later became known as Coro as you can see the name Coro incorporates the first two letters of their surname Cohan and Rosenberg. They became very successful and very well known for their high quality, designs and volume of jewellery at affordable prices. Coro made jewellery from 1920 until the 1970s, they apparently produced jewellery under different company names for example Vendome, Corocraft and Duette. The signature marks are some signed Corocraft, some signed Francois this mark was used for the higher end of the market and attracted the wealthier clients. The signature mark Vendome the jewellery line which started in 1944 was also attracting the higher end of the market, best know for dynamic glass beads and they used cabochon and rhinestones. Corocraft often used sterling vermeil, rhinestones and enamel and produced some stunning designs. The mark Coro Craft since 1937 was used for higher end pieces, Corocraft was used after WWII, and the Pegasus mark was used after WWII these are few from a long Coro markings. Coro ceased trading circ 1979. Coro Inc. in Canada is still in operation today.



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