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Yesterday I was reading Vogue's review on the show, and I could not agree more with their comments. OMG where to start? It was incredible and crazy good all over!!

Despite the fact that I only have a couple of Gucci pieces in my closet...I would happily wear most of the pieces from this collection; most of all the stunning dresses and all of the amazing accessories! I loved all the colors (monochromatic looks or eclectic mix ones), the design, the silhouette, the fabrics...oh you name it, I am in love...

Since a very early age I always loved playing with many accessories. I am constantly encouraging everyone out there (who wants to play with fashion), to find their inspiration and allow themselves to experiment with fashion. Wear playful looks anytime you feel playful! 

Anyhow, here is a link to many gorgeous accessories to help anyone who wants to have fun and be beautiful: https://talkingfashion.myshopify.com/collections/accessories-lover

Would love to see more and more women loving what they wear daily all around, anytime and everywhere! Share pics and use hashtag #talkingfashion #talkingfashionnet

Need help styling? I will be happy to share my opinion with you, give me a shout :)


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