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Some of you already know that I have been selling on different marketplaces for over a decade. One of these online markets, has this great "treasury" feature which promote their merchants. I always loved the concept, mainly because it pushes for so much creativity. I love to see the different angles of how people put things together.

Our shop has been featured in multiple treasuries hundreds of times throughout the past 6 years there, and it has always been fun to watch.

Just recently, I got a notice that was not related to a treasury posting but instead, a polyvore collection feature curated by "La Baronne Vintage". Here is the collection: http://www.polyvore.com/early_autumn_70s_look/set?id=208580883 

Polyvore? How on Earth I wasn't hip to this yet? OMG what a blast it is to use their site. Great tool for styling and creating visual impact. Thanks to Nathalie, I got introduced and I am in love! Anyhow...

Find your style each day! Play around, create, have fun with fashion! Here is the link to a collection I am just starting to work on there: http://www.polyvore.com/out_door_with_some_golden/collection?id=5933272

Want it? Get it!

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