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Accessory Trends at London Fashion Week SS19

by TALKINGFASHION TEAM 01 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Accessory Trends at London Fashion Week SS19 by Morgan Watkins

Now that we’ve bid farewell to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019, it’s
time the fashion world hops back on the ever spinning carousel that is the future. But before we move on to what’s next in the realm of runway, let’s hit pause and take a quick stroll through the latest and greatest accessory trends we saw in London this September.


Go Big or Go Home


London Fashion Week Accessories Trends talkingfashion

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It seems as though everything in London was magnified and dramatized in size. Bags, like this massive fanny pack from Matty Bovan, eyeglasses, and more loomed over audiences with great stature and presence. Oversized pieces like these added a bit of humor and joy to the runway, reiterating what fashion should be: fun!


Inventive Earrings


London Fashion Week Accessories talkingfashion

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Accessories were worn far and wide on the ears in an endless variety of ways. Pairs were mixed and matched, dangly earrings were often worn asymmetrically on one side, and chunky floral studs blossomed from ear to ear. Elegant hoop earrings swirled into glossy coils paired perfectly with glittery gowns and silky midi dresses at Peter Pilotto’s chic and shining show.


Logo Mania


London Fashion Week Accessories talkingfashion

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Everyone in London was all about IDing their designs. Burberry unveiled their relatively new logo stamped onto brightly hued crossbody bags. House of Holland also went loco for logos as models clung to labeled totes and mini clutches as they briskly strode down the catwalk.


Modesty is the Best Policy?


LOndon Fashion Week Accessories talkingfashion

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Designers like Simone Rocha and Erdem prove that being covered head-to-toe doesn’t have to be drab or frumpy. In fact, modestly dressed models roamed the runway looking breathtaking under veils, voluminous neck scarves and wide brimmed hats. Higher necklines paired with more form fitting cuts kept styles fresh, while unique fabrics and embroidery added youth and flair.

For more posts about Fashion Week or to learn more about accessory trends, head over to!

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