Why Fashion Should Be Seen as a Language

Fashion should be considered as a language. Just like how different accents, dialects, and local idioms make up the English language, fashion has its own nuances of meaning that are...

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What is old is new again. Lets talk about fans.

Fanning yourself on a hot summer day was once the norm. But when air conditioning came along, fans were most obsolete. However in recent years, there has been an increase...

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#WearYourLove: Turning Your Fashion Superpower On

Wear Your Love: Turning Your Fashion Superpower on written by Priscila Teixeira . Talkingfashion is like talking about breathing — it's one of those things you need to do without...

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The Power of Fashion written by Nancy Smeltzer

The Power of Fashion The final two hours before the fashion show was a frenzy of activity. The room was a cacophony of color and sound. Twenty-three novice designers had spent the past six weeks visioning, drawing, designing and creating wearable fashions that they would model before moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and others.

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Fashion Week Accessories and Jewelry

Fashion Week Accessories and Jewelry review by James Hagerman   We were hit with New York Fashion Week. Then London, then Milan, and then Paris. Many designs were particularly eco-conscious this...

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Darling Donatella: Fast Facts about Versace’s First Lady

Darling Donatella: Five Facts about Versace’s First Lady By Paige McKirahan In the wake of the gripping Netflix documentary detailing Gianni Versace’s death and Donatella’s rise to the helm of the Versace empire, we felt that the best way to celebrate the incoming Taurus season would be by highlighting this fashion mogul’s amazing career. This Taurus fashionista was born in May 2nd,...

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Festival Style: Coachella Essentials

Festival Style: Coachella Essentials By Paige McKirahan   As temperatures heat up and summer music begins to flood our all of our Spotify feeds, many have the season’s upcoming festivals on the mind. From Governor’s Ball to Lollapalooza, the warm weather also brings festival style that is wild, bohemian, and full of fashion forward aesthetics. In honor of Coachella, one of the most...

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