• Paris Fashion Week F/W ’19 Accessory Trend Spotlight

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    Paris Fashion Week F/W ’19 Accessory Trend Spotlight

    By Paige McKirahan 


    Some tend to say that the best is saved for last, and this fashion month this statement may have held true when Paris Fashion Week closed our couture-filled thirty days of fun. PFW, which ran from February 25 and March 5th, is one of the longest running international fashion weeks that is commonly crowed the chicest of the bunch. As the original fashion capital of the world, the expectations in Paris were high but fortunately, the couture was higher. Gucci, Burberry, and Chanel are just a few of the high-profile names that stunned crowds as Karl Lagerfeld’s heavenly final designs made their way down the runway draping his various muses including Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruz.


    Models walk the runway during the Chanel show featuring Karl Lagerfeld's final collection.Final walk, Chanel F/W 2019 (source)

    As we have come to realize this fashion month, high-profile headwear is at the helm of fall’s trendiest accessories in London, Milan, New York, and now Paris. Loewe nodded to classic constructions when they created their helmet style headwear featuring fin-like protrusions both above the ears and on the top of the design. Dior took note of Tom Ford’s NYFW bucket hat revival, spinning the desire to feature animal print complete with netting around the bill. We saw structured hats add inches to feet in height from Chanel, Ann Demeulemeester, and Nina Ricci that stunned with their glamorous color palettes. We also saw a boom in the hair accessory world with barrettes and headbands once again taking reign; Balmain hit the nail on the head with their chain link headband made complete a chic aesthetic to die for.




    From top: Loewe, Nina Ricci, and Balmain (source)

    Eyewear took on classic silhouettes with large lenses officially taking the frame-style crown back from last season’s tiny specks. Stella McCartney and Loewe’s designs had an intergalactic flair, while Celine and Chloe exhibited their love for vintage trends with their ‘70s inspired looks.


    Stella McCartney


    From top: Loewe and Chloe (source)

    The jewelry displayed in Paris may be the most visually enthralling of all work throughout fashion month; their various structures and use of art styles directly in their designs stole the spotlight when they stepped onto the runway. We saw Isabel Marant take their shot at the single earring trend, creating a silver cuff with a whimsical aesthetic. Givenchy took the classic dangling earring style and implemented it into their ring designs, with tassels falling from a ring-bracelet hybrid. PFW gave us great stacking looks with everything from earrings to bangles as labels like Alexander McQueen loaded up their models with accessories that proved too much may never be enough. Lastly, the Y/Project may have had the most startling jewelry designs of all collections; with metal spirals to Greek-like sculptures incorporated into their work, they established their designs as artwork in their own right.





    From top: Givenchy, Isabel Marant, and Y/Project (source)

    Statement bags and belts also dominated the runway this fashion month, especially in this industry capital. In terms of silhouettes, it seems that thick, waist belts will be the “it” style this coming fall; both Chloe and Isabel Marant took this oversized look and combined it with last season western appeal to create beautiful, contemporary pieces perfect for cold weather looks. Off-White got in on the Parisian belt action with their classic clean-line design finished off with text saying “Off-White ‘LOGO’” replacing the traditional buckle. Givenchy combined the idea of the “it” belt and bag into a simple, utilitarian design perfect for those fashionistas on the go.


    Isabel Marant



    From top: Chloe, Off-White, and Givenchy (source)

    As we have now seen on runways around the globe, the idea of what is "in" when it comes to handbags is shifting. This runway season, the ornamental styles of SS ’19 are out, and small-scale silhouettes are in.  From casual totes to wallet style designs, all collections had something stunning to offer. Rochas and Altuzarra created cinched bucket bags that are sure to be on everyone's must-have list. Givenchy and Stella McCartney took on an iPhone sized contemporary approach, while other brands like Chanel reinvented the fanny pack. One of the most talked about bags of the week, though, could barely hold your pocket change; these micro bags from Jacquemus have been making headlines from the moment they made their way into Paris!


    Image result for tiny bags paris fashion week

    From top: Givenchy, Chanel, and Jacquemas  (source)

    With this, we now conclude the coverage of our favorite month in fashion! Which week was your favorite? We loved the looks in London and Paris! Check out our coverage of New York, London, and Milan and be sure to stay tuned for more fun fashion finds for this upcoming spring season!


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  • The Paris Fashion Round Up

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    The Paris Fashion Round Up

    By Paige McKirahan


    Bonjour encore, TalkingFashion tourists! Following our coverage in Italy prior to Milan Fashion Week, we felt it was only appropriate to dive deep into Paris’ high-profile industry as haute heels (or chunky dad shoes) hit the sidewalks in France for the next six days for PFW. As one of the most iconic fashion capitals in the world, Paris never disappoints when it comes to high-fashion with even higher standards. There is truly no other place in the world with a style quite like the “Parisian chic” seen all over capital’s streets, so it is no surprise that their blogging landscape is one of the most active, flourishing influencer scenes that the industry has to offer. Whether it be their classic, minimalist Parisian style or a wilder approach to the chic stereotype, these French influencers have a certain je ne sais quoi that is sure to inspire your spring wardrobe haul!




    This creative mind has been quite the jetsetter this fashion month as she traveled to London for a fashion week and Dior exhibit fix. Her classic wardrobe featuring muted color palettes and clean tailoring provides content for her perfectly curated feed of style inspiration, making it easy to see why she has garnered over a quarter of a million followers and a spot in a Glossier campaign. 






    This Youtube-based influencer has proved that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make your mark on the industry; through her success with her Youtube channel and her “it” girl style shown on Instagram, she has formed partnerships with Marc Jacobs Beauty and Asos to create beautiful paid posts for her social media feeds.


    Miss Pandora




    Louise Ebel is the Parisian fashionista behind this stand-out blog, Miss Pandora. Rather than falling into the classic style guidelines set up by her chic predecessors, Ebel aims to explore new fashionable combinations whether they be unusual silhouette pairings or wild color combinations.


    Mango and Salt




    Victoria, the creator of Mango and Salt, uses her blog to showcase both her minimalist style aesthetic and sustainable lifestyle practices. She prides herself on being authentic and natural, so if you are looking for some style inspiration with a side of cultural commentary, Mango and Salt is the perfect blog for you! 






    This lifestyle and fashion blogger is one of our favorites from this list on account of her uber-cool street style looks. No two of her outfits look the same and she uses pieces from shops like Zara and Mango to create dimensional looks that are totally achievable for even the most fashion inept of her followers.

    For more great Parisian bloggers that are on our must-follow list this spring, check out this article by Frenchly

    Switching the conversation from bloggers to brands, there are just as many French accessory labels on our radar that make us thankful its tax return season! While you’re waiting on that direct deposit to hit, give these brands a follow and check out all of the beauty that they have to offer!




    Photos courtesy of Balaboosté Paris

    One of the most fun and eclectic labels on this list, this 20-year-old brand is eccentric and colorful in all the right ways. Though some may struggle to create bold pieces with a chic feel, this is no problem for Balabooste as their ‘90s inspired statement pieces are made to be Instagram ready!





    Photos courtesy of Lou.Yetu

    This brand, which is named after a classic French children’s song, takes this playful element and seamlessly fuses it together with its clean aesthetics to create timeless pieces with a classic French twist. Their delicate necklaces, rings, and bracelets are made to be layered and will compliment all of your chicest looks.


    Gerard Darel




    This seemingly lowkey clothing and accessories brand has slowly established itself as a provider of quality basics both in France and around the world. Their reach is so wide that their simple bags have been in the hands of many of the media’s favorites, including Angelina Jolie!


    Satellite Paris


    Photos courtesy of Satellite Paris


    Playing upon the industry’s love of boho-chic aesthetics, this brand boasts expertly crafted jewelry that can be found in six storefronts across Paris, along with a multitude of department stores. Started by a former ethnologist, Satellite’s pieces are delicately crafted and jewel encrusted with an art deco design inspiration to match.


    Nouvel Amour


    Paris customized jewelry shopping


    Popular for its simple, gold ID bracelets, rings, and necklaces, this Parisian brand offers a new way to remember your travels to the fashion capital. The versatility of their pieces paired with the ability to customize every design makes these romantic accessories a fashion round-up favorite!

    Since Paris Fashion Week is already underway, make sure to give all of these French fashion finds a follow to see how they are participating in the industry fun! Be sure to stay tuned for more roundups and join us on our journey to Ireland to discover more creators worth following prior to our Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in March!



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  • Paris Fashion Week SS’19 Accessories Trend Spotlight

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    Paris Fashion Week SS’19 Accessories Trend Spotlight

    By Paige McKirahan


    Hello, fashion week aficionados! As a month of fabulous spring and summer fashion is finally coming to a close, we wanted to take some time to discuss the biggest trends on the Paris runways to conclude our fashion week series. Paris Fashion Week, beginning on September 24th and ending October 2nd, stunned with styles that emulated popular trends from New York, London, and Milan. Single statement earrings reigned in Balmain and Loewe’s shows, with oversized silver and feather-adorned pieces perfectly accompanying their flowing silhouettes. Off-White showed their appreciation for the neon trend with bright green accessories complimenting the white, athletic inspired designs.



    Balmain and Off-White

    (photo credit to elle.com)

    The tropical aesthetics that dominated in New York were a favorite in Paris as well, with Ottolinger taking island motifs and creating a surfer inspired show that boasted chain link bags and colorful scarves that seem as if they washed up from another world. Transparent lucite pieces stole the show as Anrealage and Balmain went back to the ‘80s to create clear bangles, bags, and dramatic chandelier inspired headpieces. Scarves and classic prints were a favorite of the Marine Serre show, as their eclectic line also boasted spherical novelty bags and transparent wearables. Metals were coveted in Milan and it seems that their popularity was only heightened in Paris as Saint Laurent used shiny accents in everything from belts to eye masks.





    Anrealage, Balmain, and Marine Serre

    (image credits to accessoriesmagazine.com)

    People that claim that everything is bigger in Texas have obviously never seen a show on the Paris runways; towering headpieces from Rick Owens and elongated necklaces from Gucci illustrates our love for all things oversized. If you’re not a fan of the tiny sunglasses trend that has overtaken the fashion industry, many designers seem to share your sentiment as they are beginning to move back to the classic bug-eyed look. Paris undoubtedly showed our love for excess as bangles stacked to the elbow and rings on every finger were staples in Dries Van Noten and Chloe shows. The only thing that seemed to be downsized in Paris were the bags; tiny clutches and wearable pouches were all the rage in lines all week long. Now that we have covered the trends from all over the globe in of one fashion’s favorite months, what were your favorites? Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to find them; check out our collection for some of the hottest spring and summer trends that are just a few clicks away!




    Chloe, Loewe, and Rick Owens

     (image credit to elle.com)


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