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Wear Your Love: Turning Your Fashion Superpower on written by Priscila Teixeira
Talkingfashion is like talking about breathing — it's one of those things you need to do without thinking. And yet somehow it feels like it's become harder than ever before to make good style choices without feeling self-conscious or pressured by what others think.
Priscila Teixeira talking fashion blogger
Our feelings around what we wear come from an inner voice that speaks louder when we're unhappy or feel out of place — these feelings then translate into thoughts and behaviors related to wearing clothes. We want you to start talking back to those thoughts, flip them around and remember that you are the only person who has a say in what you wear — if you're happy then dress the way you want!
Create an amazing wardrobe and stand tall knowing you're rocking your signature look! 
Turn on your fashion superpower!
Xoxo, Priscila


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