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Sustainable Jewelry: Natural Stone Accessories

By Paige McKirahan


In the jewelry industry, we have been using gemstones and other types of stones for centuries as a way to add some va-va-voom to any piece. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are just some of the types of naturally occurring stones that are extremely common in accessories and bejeweled pieces. But what about a more natural approach to this sparkly fascination?

Continuing with our conversation of sustainability, this discussion of naturally occurring stones is more so pointed towards those that are of the crystal variety; crystal stone jewelry has become increasingly more popular in the past decade as more people have begun to use them for their magical and healing properties. Their natural, rough look contrasts gems entirely and offers an element of eccentricity to any outfit.

Natural stone pieces are organic and go perfectly with our desire to purchase products that aren’t detrimental to our environment. They typically are not chemically treated and boast raw edges; this gives the pieces a true from-the-Earth feel and even if the stone’s rough appearance is smoothed, they still possess a magical aesthetic with more subdued undertones. Want to add a little bit of natural healing to your whimsical wardrobe? Check out our collections!


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