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Bonnie Boynton is a high energy enthusiastic belt and sportswear designer, who has created tremendous success around her business. Back in the 70s, while working as a dress designer, she created and sold "stickpins" on the side during every spare moment she had, she was creating and selling them. In February of 1979 she resigned the dress designer position and a month later opened her belt business.

At the height of the Western craze, she began designing hand-crafted brass belt buckles. Among the first were buckles in the shape of Texas and in the form of a Texas longhorn steer. Now her line includes nearly 40 distinctive, hand-crafted metal buckles.

With her design direction, a Texas metal craftsman executes the buckles in free-form styles and nature motifs under her Good Ship Enterprise label. Brass, copper and nickel-silver are fashioned into teardrops, braids, ovals, bullets, paisleys, leaves, commas and abstract designs.

Leather, suede and snakeskin attach to buckles that are most often interchangeable. 

Her buckles make a bold statement and a very unique appealing to an artistic creative crowd. My most favorite one in the shop right now is this one: https://talkingfashion.myshopify.com/admin/products/9269872516

Do you have any Bonnie Boynton belt? Would love to see an outfit built around it! Please do share pics if you do :)

Be creative! Be enthusiastic! Be energetic!

See you next time!

Priscila, talkingfashion founder


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