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The United States Fashion Round Up

by Paige McKirahan 08 Feb 2019 0 Comments

The United States Fashion Round Up

By Paige McKirahan

Following fast on the heels of the fashion week, we are traveling back to the United States this week just in time for the streets of New York to be overflowing with the most fabulous fashionistas from all over the globe. This fashion capital, along with the rest of the country, is the perfect playground for both street style aficionados and high profile designers alike, which will be illustrated at the helm at the first NYFW of 2019. Though it may feel like your timeline is saturated with subpar content from this out-of-this-world event, we are here to ensure you are following the best of the best when it comes to American brands and influencers. Read on to see who deserves all of the likes and reposts this season!


Julia Engel

Julia Engel Top Fashion Instagram Influencer


This Charleston-based influencer created her blog, Gal Meets Glam, while in college and her chic style brought high-profile partnerships with brands like Tory Burch, Gap, and Coach. Her reach has only increased in the years since her blogs conception, so be on the lookout for her own fashion line launching sometime this year!


Nicolette Mason


Nicolette Mason top fashion instagram influencer


This influencer is breaking fashion barriers with her funky style and disregard for industry norms. As co-founder of plus size brand Premme, this blogger is causing quite the stir among her 175k followers with her fun captions and unapologetic dedication to self-love.


Leandra Cohen


Nicolette Mason top fashion Instagram influencer

This influencer is an accessories lover after our own hearts; after the creation of her smash blog Man Repeller, she became an icon in the fashion world for encouraging women to wear what they love every day regardless of otuside opinion.


Madelynn Furlong


Madelynn Furlong top fashion Instagram influencer


This Minneapolis turned LA-based blogger is a woman of many talents; in addition to running her blog Wide Eyed Legless, she provides her thousands of followers with runway-worthy outfit inspiration on Instagram daily!


Reese Blutstein


Reese Blutstein top fashion Instagram influencer


Reese Blustein, a 21-year-old influencer from Georgia, is taking the fashion world by storm with her twin sister Molly by her side. This Atlanta native specializes in indie, up and coming brands and details all of their fabulous pieces on her blog, Double 3xposure.


In addition to these amazing influencers, there are many brands being created right here in the United States that share our affinity for great accessories! Read on to see which American-made pieces  we are dying to get our hands on this year!





Created by Christina Tung in Brooklyn, this jewelry brand's aesthetic is reminiscent of creations found in a preschool classroom. The fun, colorful pieces are all made from sustainable materials. An added bonus? They are all one of a kind!


Notte Jewelry



Jessica Say, the mastermind behind the Notte name, finds inspiration for her pieces when traveling between the two biggest fashion capitals in the world: New York and Paris. Her retro motifs and affordable prices make her a fan favorite, and we see her becoming one of Instagram's must-have brands this year!




Created right in LA, these Legier jewelry pieces are making waves in the world of Instagrammable accessories. The designer, who is a former art historian, uses their knowledge of design periods to ensure all of their jewelry feels like wearable fine art. 

Anita Berisha

Coming from humble DIY roots, this Pinterest-turned-couture brand can be seen on occupying shelves with the likes of Gucci and Balenciaga. Berisha's handcrafted pieces are classic and clean, appealing to jewelry lovers from all aesthetic backgrounds!

The Last Line


This jewelry brand knows how to catch an eye; their colorful, wild designs are sold by the piece and made for matching. A perfect mix of diamonds and all colors from the color wheel, The Last Line creates pieces worth breaking the bank for!

We hope that you have enjoyed travelling with us so far and have found new obsessions hailing from all around the globe in China, Australian, and the United States! If none of these have been your style, do not fear; stay tuned next week for our journey to the UK and Great Britain in search of even more fashion finds!


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