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Calling All Columbus Readers!

by Paige McKirahan 26 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Calling All Columbus Readers!

By Paige McKirahan


If you have found yourself in Ohio for the holidays, you may be left wondering how to spend your last week of the year in the Buckeye State. As one of the nation’s top three fashion capitals, Columbus has seemingly crept to the top of this elite list while no one was watching. According to Columbus Monthly, Columbus employs more fashion designers than ANY other city in the United States outside of New York City and Los Angeles. Our state’s capital is chock full of small boutiques working alongside huge fashion giants like Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, and previously Henri Bendel. Other popular, locally-grown shops like Homage are also gaining great visibility and contributing to the area’s reputation as a vibrant, evolving capital. We hope all of our Columbus fans bought some local goods for all of those on your list this season, because we sure do love being a part of this amazing network of fashion innovators!

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Now that Holiday shopping days are over, though, what else does this amazing city have to offer? Does the cold weather and the holidays have you or your family feeling a little stir crazy this Christmas season? Well, grab you jackets and get ready for a full day of fun at Columbus’ greatest attractions on December 29th for FREE!

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Thanks to The Columbus Foundation, local residents can spend their Saturday exploring central Ohio via free COTA rides all day long. The Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio History Connection, Franklin Park Conservatory, and COSI are all participating in the free general admission event. The Columbus Museum of Art is also partaking in the winter fun; our CEO and one of our favorite designers, Charles Kleibacker, have both held positions at that venue. Be sure to check out all of the beautiful art they have to offer!

Whatever you spend the rest of your 2018 doing, we here at TalkingFashion want to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and a FABULOUS New Years Eve! When picking out that perfect outfit for your night on the town, don’t forget to end 2018 wearing what YOU love and continue doing so for all of 2019!


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