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Pop The Cork on New Year’s Eve Fashion!

By Paige McKirahan


As the biggest party of the year is looming towards us at a rapid rate, panic surrounding finding the perfect New Years Eve outfit is rising. With a year as fabulous as 2018 coming to a close, it is only appropriate that we look just as fabulous as we bid it goodbye and step into the last year of this decade. Though some people tend to rely on their clothing itself to provide them with their NYE glam, we here at TalkingFashion think that this year’s make or break pieces will lie in one’s accessories. Not only can you completely transform a clothing piece with jewelry and other fun additions, you can also create a complete, cohesive outfit that stuns from head to toe!



Accessories can emulate more vibes and attitudes than just clothing alone, which makes them an integral part of a party outfit for all types of fashionista! From minimalists to haute couture connoisseurs, accessorizing can elevate a look from basic to Times Square chic.

Are you a fan of the little black dress instead of the disco ball aesthetic for your impending New Years fun? Personalize that classic piece by adding everything from a head scarf to a dazzling bracelet to allow your personality to shine as bright as the Times Square Ball! You’ll be the talk of every party with your expertly curated style; if you are lost on how to create your perfect look, we are here to help! Check out our collections or enlist one of our expert stylists to assist you in making sure you’re walking into 2019 as fashionable as ever!



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