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Designer Spotlight: Angela Caputi

By Paige Mckirahan

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(photo credits to advancingwomenartists.com)

This week, we figured that it would only be appropriate to spotlight one of our favorite Florentine designers, Angela Caputi, as she is a lover of the cross motif. Working out of a small shop in the historical "Palazzetto Mediceo", this bijoux aficionado has been creating pieces reminiscent of 1940s American Hollywood since 1975. Her brand quickly became popularized in the world of couture costume jewelry, catching the eyes of consumers, museums, and high fashion stylists alike. These pieces of art are heavily researched and always evolving; her signature style involves pieces that are created using simple materials with a variety of curated colors and shapes. In her domination of the global market, her creations have seen many movie sets and high fashion shoots since the brand's conception. Interested in owning one of her awe-inspiring bijoux artworks, click here to see what we have to offer! For more on her story, we invite you to visit her website.


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