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Figural Accessories (And Why We LOVE Them)

by Global PR Agency 19 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Figural Accessories (And Why We LOVE Them) by Morgan Watkins

For fashion lovers across the world, accessories add a bit of joy and pizazz to 
everyday life. It’s not a coincidence that women adore receiving handbags and jewelry as gifts: accessories make people happy. But out of all the jewelry out there that could make a girl smile, figural jewelry is at the top of the food chain. With their cooky shapes and fun motifs, figural accessories are the perfect way to spice up any dull outfit. Keep on reading to get the lowdown on these fun fashion pieces.

Although figural jewelry has been created since man first began constructing jewelry during B.C. times, it was around the 1940s that figural jewelry reached vast popularity among the masses. Accessories became a way of accessing happiness in otherwise dark times, as The Great Depression had just run its course and World War II was at its heyday. Thus as a means to inject a bit of sparkle and sunshine into the mundane, downcast nature of everyday living, figural jewelry was a great fashion escape.


Figural Jewelry Starfish Hair Clip Vintage Accessories from talkingfashion net

(Image from

For those who are still a bit unsure about what figural jewelry and accessories are, they’re basically pieces that depict figures such as animals, human shapes, fruit, flowers, and more. The most common form of figural jewelry is the brooch or pin, but necklaces, bracelets, and rings are also apart of the figural family. These whimsical pieces can be fashioned with all kinds of materials, ranging from sterling silver floral pins dazzled with multicolored gems to simple copper rings topped off with beaded strawberry shapes.


Watermelon Earrings Vintage Jewelry Figural Accessories from talkingfashionnet

(Image from n-figural-wooden-handcrafted)

Bringing the witty, fantastical fun of figural accessories into the modern world is notable and revered designer Betsey Johnson. Most famous for her out of this world handbags, Betsey is a vintage goddess designing for the most fearless women in fashion, including the likes of Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Swift. Her bags have come in a gaggle of varying shapes, colors and sizes, ranging from bright pink flamingo crossbodies to typewriter inspired shoulder bags. Johnson keeps an air of magical whimsy both in stores and on the runway, finishing off her shows with spontaneous cartwheels that are as gleeful as her designs.


Betsey Johnson figural bag handbag accessories

(Image from

DORIAN Designs, also known for producing wild figural jewelry in the 1980s, creates animal inspired pieces that are sure to pique the interest of any animal lover. The brand’s vintage accessories are greatly detailed, hand-carved and hand-painted to perfection. Animals like horses, bears, and leopards (oh my!) swing from cord to create necklaces of novelty and amusement. As perfect conversation starters with great personality, DORIAN Designs’ necklaces have you covered for figural jewelry with a bark that’s as fierce as its bite.


Dorian Designs Figural Horse Vintage Jewelry Accessories from talkingfashionnet

(Image from dpainted-wood-large-figural-authentic-vintage-jewelry-signed-collectible-talkingfashion-1 )

With endless possibilities stemming from figural jewelry, there truly is something for everyone. You can show off your love for animals, rep your admiration for gardening, and even sport your fascination with cars: all you have to do is find your perfect piece and rock it like its 1940. For the best of the best in figural accessories, or to sell your own novelty vintage jewelry, check out!


Sea Boat Figural Jewelry Vintage Pin Brooch from talkingfashionnet

(Image from -orange-large-pewter-gold)

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