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Pedal to the Metal

by Global PR Agency 29 Nov 2018 0 Comments

Pedal to the Metal by Morgan Watkins

Fashion is all about standing out from the crowd, and the metallics trend sits at 
the height of this sentiment. Shiny style statements made across the world’s catwalks serve as sci-fi thrillers of fashion – they get your adrenaline pumping, catching your eye and dragging it quickly down the runway, as if you’re in an alien driven spacecraft flying through a solar system of beaming moons and glowing meteors. If you want to take a rocketship ride into our favorite metallic looks, keep on reading.

Driving into some of the most dazzling shows from Fashion Week SS19, our first stop is Rodarte. While metallics are commonly associated with edgy vibes and sleek, futuristic designs, Rodarte took a softer approach. Using voluminous metallic ruffles that glistened alongside romantic floral hair arrangements and picturesque earrings, Kate and Laura Mulleawy were able to take the metallic trend and turn it into a shiny, breathtaking dream.


(Image from

Waking up from the dreamy show of Rodarte, we now find ourselves zooming through a galaxy full of sparkling stars at Roland Mouret. The feminine SS19 collection featured glistening fabrics in a variety of flattering forms, ranging from casual drawstring trousers to chic button ups. An exuberant foiled gown dressed smartly with lace up flats and a mesh insert. Fellow London Fashion Week stunner Simone Rocha also took to the metallics trend, showcasing textured taffeta midi dresses in hues of copper, black and ivory.

(Image from -500Kb_720x.jpg?v=1537112700)

This intergalactic journey would not be complete without taking a stop at the edgy Balmain SS19 show. Models fitted with metallic over-the-knee boots, sculpted silver belts and sexy casted bodices married with asymmetric, reconstructed denim brought a fiery fierceness to the Parisian catwalk. Olivier Rousteing’s contemporary couture silhouettes were styled to perfection with sleek handbags and chunky metal bangles so divine that Cara Delevingne returned to runway, opening the show in a chrome crop top paired with heavenly white trousers and a matching long line jacket, with shoulder pads fit for an 80s queen.


(Image from mer-2019/?slide=28)

In the accessories sector of our space travel, Milan Fashion Week produced stunning shoes that were out of this world. Attico’s Spring 2019 collection was nothing short of spectacular. Golden cowboy boots, accented stilettos, and metallic platforms round out just a few of our favorite glossy styles from the Italian line. And we couldn’t possibly forget about Chanel’s chic metal chain belts at Paris Fashion Week, contrasted by girly drop earrings spelling out the brand’s notorious name.


(Image from

Looking to style this trend, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t fret or fear – talkingfashion is here with some street style inspo to kickstart your voyage into the metallics universe. If you’d like to start small, the easiest way to dive into a new trend is with jewelry and accessories. Try out some layered silver necklaces, or belts with metal hardware to test the waters. If you’re looking to make a bit more of a splash, highlight a basic outfit with a pair of metallic booties or an eye catching clutch.


gold metallic fashion accessories from talkingfashion

(Image from

And this concludes our expedition from Earth to the cosmos of one of fashion’s most gleaming trends. Looking to add a bit of shine to your everyday look? Check out to browse our sleekest vintage favs!

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