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The Irish Fashion Round Up

by Paige McKirahan 15 Mar 2019 0 Comments

The Irish Fashion Round Up

By Paige McKirahan


Are you feeling lucky this week, Talkingfashion travelers? We know we are as we are heading fast toward Ireland just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day this week on March 17th. If this holiday has you feeling ready for some fresh spring fashion inspiration, these influencers are like the pot of gold at the end of your colorful couture rainbow. Though Ireland is not the home of any fun fashion week activities, it still boasts a bustling industry scene with a plethora of emerging talent coming out in high-profile cities like Dublin. Irish fashionistas understand that visibility is important in leveling up their country’s industry scene, so read on to see some our favorite influencers on the scene right now who are the perfect illustration of the country’s Irish charm!


 Pippa O’Connor




This model is one of the most popular influencers in Ireland’s online blogging landscape, with thousands visiting her website for fashion advice daily. Her popularity has only elevated her stance in the industry and has allowed her create her own online denim shop, POCO!


 Nuala Gorham




As a Vogue favorite, this blogger’s honest take on fashion, fitness, beauty, and travel has made her an Irish influencer aficionado. Her adventurous lifestyle and willingness to tag all of her best outfits on LiketoKnowit truly have made her brand into a must-follow!


Suzanne Jackson-O'Connor




This blogger-turned-businesswoman is the founder of multiple award winning brands, including her chic lifestyle blog, Sosueme. Suzanne has used her blogger platform to turn her brand into a business, andcreated the highly regarded Irish beauty brand, SOSUbySJ.


Joanne Larby




With her affinity for beauty and a great sense of style, this blogger and brand owner is making big waves in the Irish fashion landscape. Her lifestyle brand, The Makeup Fairy, is an industry favorite that stemmed from a small blog and has now grown into an online magazine with an accompanying YouTube profile with aesthetics to die for. 


Louise Cooney




This award-winning jetsetter is dominating the fashion industry with her chic takes on life, travel, fashion, and industry inspiration. She has been nominated as the Most Stylish Online Influencer and Best Influencer in the Gossies, which shows that fashionistas all over the globe can’t get enough of her “it” girl aesthetic!

If these influencers are already under your Instagram “Following” list, check out this list of 60 Irish bloggers that are sure to vamp up your timeline!

As you can see, many of Ireland's most prominent fashion brands are managed by high-profile bloggers; check out our favorite Irish jewelry finds and see if they were created by anyone you know!


Isle Jewellery




If you’re looking for a jewelry brand that makes you feel as well traveled as the bloggers above, look no further than Isle. This Irish-meets- Japanese aesthetic was created by two sisters on opposite sides of the world, taking motifs from both of their cities and combining them to create beautiful, minimalist jewelry pieces.


Rachel Swan




This Dublin-based brand boasts a multitude of simple, modern designs taking cues from the Art Deco movement. Rachel Swan, the name behind these fabulous jewels, puts an architectural finish on every piece, giving them a modern twist perfect for a chic night out.


Maria Dorai Raj




The designer behind brand her namesake brand creates contemporary designs with hints of Irish-Indian glam. The piece’s impeccable craftsmanship and modern aesthetics have made Raj’s designs some of the most sought after in the country.


Cosmic Boulevard




This dainty, festive jewelry brand was created by one of Ireland’s most eccentric makeup artists. After working in cosmetics for over ten years, Sinhead Murphy decided to take her talents to the jewelry industry; we love all of her out-of-this-world designs and her fresh take on cosmic motifs!

Since our favorite month of fashion has finally concluded, we are now looking for a new celebration! Check out these Irish fashion finds to gear up for Saint Patrick’s Day fun, and freshen up your timeline for spring by retracing our steps on our fashion journey around the globe!



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