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Fashion’s Favorite Gifts

by Paige McKirahan 05 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Fashion’s Favorite Gifts

By Paige McKirahan


Hello TalkingFashion lovers! It is finally December; since its the season of giving, we feel that there is nothing better to give or receive than the gift of fashion! If you’re one of the elves who has made a dent in their holiday purchases with our cyber sale last week, you’ve got the right idea! But if you’re like me and haven’t even came close to formulating gift ideas for your loved ones, not to fear; the perfect holiday gift inspiration is here! We have decided looked at some of our favorite fashion fanatic’s holiday gift lists and found some great ideas for the most flamboyant to the most minimalist on your list. Read on to see our top five gift ideas from the industry's finest and how you can find similar items in our store to get that quick holiday fix!

Marina Larroude, fashion director at Barneys New York, says she looking for shine this festive season.

She would love to add more sparkles to her wardrobe for the holidays; she specifically mentioned a sparkling Sonia Rykiel bag, but you can find some shimmering pieces right in our collection!


Dion Lee, women’s ready-to-wear designer, is all about giving jewelry to her loved ones. 

The talented creative claims that the only purchase she's made so far this winter is a custom jewelry piece. She finds jewelry to be one of the best gifts because of its “intimate and timeless” feel. We agree, Dion! 



Rickie De Sole, fashion director at W, is hoping for a new timekeeping piece this Christmas.

He claims that classic watches that go with everything are essential to ones outfit; this is proven by the fact that he's worn the same watch since college! He loves the Chanel Boyfriend style, and it has been the only piece that have prompted him to consider breaking his longstanding devotion to his current watch! Check out a similar style below!



Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of Lively, is all about vintage pieces with a story. 

Number one on this boss woman’s list is vintage scarves or other vintage accessories from secondhand stores! She loves when her gifts have a story and a well known history as it adds new depth to any classic piece. 



Tanya Taylor, Toronto-born designer, is in the market for beach-inspired fashions!

This colorful designer loves all things tropical; this ocean affintity stems from her son's name, which is palmer! Palm themed accessories and earrings are a sure to be a success under the tree this year!



To shop any of the items you see above, click on the image to buy with ease! For other gift options, head over to our collections and start checking off those items on your list!



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