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Floral Patterns Bloom in Fashion

By Paige McKirahan


From Dia de los Muertos style to spring classics, florals have always been one of fashion's most beloved patterns. In jewelry and clothing alike, this natural motif can be traced back hundreds of years; of course, they were present in many ancient cultures dating back to the 12th century, but we saw the true culmination of this aesthetic in the 19th century. At this time, textile production saw a huge increase on account of the Industrial Revolution. This paired with the newfound “floral language” boosted botanic influence tenfold and echoed romantic themes from the past. This "language" essentially used specific flowers and arrangements to send messages that could not be spoken aloud in Victorian times. Victorian age society saw its peoples begin to carry floral dictionaries and exchanged “talking bouquets” that could be worn as fashion accessories.

Later in this century, we saw Impressionists and Art Nouveau enthusiasts alike take interest in East Asian art styles that featured exotic floral patterns. They can be credited with starting a trend surrounding Orientalism that spanned until World War II. This 20th century interest was transformative; floral motifs became popular in the accessory world and we saw a burst in the use of florals as a whole. Tropical aesthetics seen in the ‘50s and ‘80s along with hippie style in the ‘60s and ‘70s were huge trends and true indicators of their time.

Presently, flower patterns have established themselves as part of “eternal fashion”: their longstanding popularity has never faltered and there are a wide variety of patterns appealing to all styles. Read on to see five of the most prominent floral patterns in fashion to review for this upcoming spring! 



These florals tend to be lively scenes that use shapes, lines, and colors to create abstract patterns. 



Art Nouveau:

This floral style was birthed from the Art Nouveau movement that was characterized by its feminine and liberated aesthetic.


Art Nouveau Purse Antique Vintage Handbag



Retro florals tend to be in muted tones with a more geometric style. They feature strong bursts of color, and are reminiscent of the fashion in the 1960s.


Retro Floral Tote Bag


This style of botanical pattern uses different shapes and colors to create bright designs that hint at floral motifs. 


Botanical Design Floral Earrings Retro Handmade Jewelry



Ditsy motifs include small flowers in an all-over design, creating a simple but fun pattern. 


For all of these styles and more, check out our floral collection and let your style bloom!


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