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Paris Haute Couture SS19 Accessory Trends Spotlight

by Paige McKirahan 25 Jan 2019 0 Comments

Paris Haute Couture SS19 Accessory Trends Spotlight

By Paige McKirahan 

It’s our favorite time of year again here at TalkingFashion; Instagram is full of the industry's it-girls and fashionistas are fabulously flaunting their Fashion Week looks as new,vibrant spring pieces are making their way down the runway! This week has been full of Paris Haute Couture fun with brands ranging from Chanel to Armani stunning the masses with their colorful, spring oriented collections that are making us beg for warmer weather! Taking your eyes away from the dazzling clothing designs may typically seem like an impossible feat, it is the fantastic finishing touches we can’t stop raving over for spring/summer 2019.

Dramatic headgear has been a fashion week stable for multiple seasons, and this week was no exception when Paris put the Haute in Couture with wide brim hats from Ralph & Russo; conical, beaded headpieces from Giorgio Armani; and floral fascinators from Giambattista Valli. Guo Pei went above and beyond with their headwear as they incorporated tree motifs, weaving branch like headbands through their model's hair. The best headwear of the week? Chanel and Dior take the crown with their sparkling swimming caps that stole the show when paired with their gorgeous gowns. 


From top: Armani, Dior, and Pei (source)


Statement bags, which tend to be another fashion week favorite, were once again sent down the runway in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Balmain boasted bowling ball motifs, while Armani and Schiaparelli gave us geometric couture that matched perfectly with their out of this world aesthetic. Possibly the most surprising of them all was the oversized backpack seen in Givenchy’s show; the bag, complete with a large bow addition, was designed by none other than Claire Waight Keller, the mastermind behind Megan Markle’s wedding gown!


Givenchy (source)


Nothing says haute couture like statement eyewear, and Paris delivered with precision as designers presented their wackiest eyepiece accessories on Parisian runways this week. In addition to the amazing headgear, we saw a multitude of eye netting to match with Dior’s circus-inspired collection. Face mesh was also seen in Antonio Grimaldi and Iris Van Herpen Collections, making their models look more like art pieces than people. Elie Saab proved that oversized eyewear is still in with their exaggerated, transparent designs that emulated futuristic glam. Arguably the most interesting accessory of them all was seen in Balmain's show as every model was sent down the runway with tiny sunglasses that were reminiscent of handheld binoculars commonly found in vintage horse racing photos.



From top: Iris Van Herpen, Balmain (source)


Now that you have seen our favorite accessory trends that Paris Haute Couture has to offer, what ones do you want to take home? If these pieces have you craving new spring looks fit for the Parisian runways, fear not! We have a great collection of pieces in all of these categories that are sure to elevate your spring wardrobe to a new level!



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