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The Australian Fashion Round Up

by Paige McKirahan 25 Jan 2019 0 Comments

The Australian Fashion Round Up

By Paige McKirahan


Hello TalkingFashion readers! This week, we are shouting YOU out, Australian fashionistas! We have had you on the brain with Australia Day being the 26th and to celebrate this amazing country, we have decided to round up all of our favorite Australian fashion finds from bloggers to labels. Whether you’re from the states or hail from down under, these Aussie goods are sure to pique your interests with their interesting style, personalized looks, and cool-girl aesthetics. Read on to see who and what you should be following in this new year for a fresh take on fashion-forward inspiration.



Nicole Warne




Nicole is an Australian native who is truly a jack of all trades; as a blogger, model, creative director, social media and brand consultant, and digital strategist, she knows the ins and outs of the industry like the back of her hand. In addition to running her blog, Gary Pepper Girl, she is currently a digital consultant for the Q Collective of Qantas Airlines. Her impressive resume boasts a multitude of successful digital campaigns for brands we love like Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Net-a-Porter, and Valentino; these achievements earned her a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2016 and have garnered her over 2 million followers on her social media channels!


 Carmen Hamilton



This Aussie beauty is the true epitome of a fashion blogger; her page, Chronicle of Her, began as a personal form of self-expression that allowed her to hone her skills in photography and digital editing while in university in Queensland. Despite the fact that she took a temporary position with a fashion start-up following graduation, she ultimately decided to focus on her blog and grow her already engaged following. She now uses it as a platform for fashion inspiration and discovery, as well as a way to feature awesome women creatives from around the world!


Sara Crampton




This minimalist fashionista is a pioneer in the global blogging space. Her blog, Harper and Harley, has been promoting a less is more approach regarding fashion and lifestyle since 2008. Her engaging content has allowed her to establish herself in the influencer space and has even improved her skills to allow her to create digital communication campaigns for high profile brands like Gucci, Estee Lauder, and Nike.


Brooke Testoni




A true social media savant, Testoni is best known as being the “it” girl in her city for having relatable, personalized blogging style. Her self-titled blog, Facebook Page, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube channel keeps her connected to her thousands of followers and allows her to promote her brand, Rylan. The label, which was founded in late 2017, carries leather goods and handbags designed by Testoni herself. In addition to her personal endeavors, she also works with a variety of fashion brands, helping labels like Chloe, David Jones, and Westfield with their styling, event planning, and campaigns.


Kaitlyn Ham




This Brisbane native with comfortable, classic style works as both a freelance fashion journalist and the editor of her personal fashion blog, famously known as Modern Legacy. Her platform aligns with her quirky, minimalist aesthetic, and through collaborations with other brands and bloggers, she uses it to let her audience know the who’s and what’s on up and coming labels, trends, and shops in the industry!

For more great blogs created by Australian moguls similar to the ones mentioned above, check out this article and get following!

Next, we of course need to showcase some of the best brands to watch that hail from down under. Though it seems that choosing only 5 labels out of the seemingly endless stream of stylish Aussie labels is impossible, we have rounded up some of our favorite shops that are sure to get you adding items to your fashion wish lists! 


Albus Lumen




This brand’s structured, simple aesthetic makes it easy to see why fashionistas are drawn to the practical designs. With pieces that make statements through understated chicness and idyllic color palettes, we want to shop their entire collection!


Poppy Lissiman




This accessory brand captured our hearts with their dazzling statement pieces that are built to last. This futuristic, vibrant label knows exactly how to elevate an outfit with a style that is sure to make a statement. 






Though it seemed that this swimwear, lingerie, and party brand was set to see their allotted 15 minutes of fame, they have maintained relevance by merging their daring style with sophisticated constructions. Their admiration from fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp, and Kendall Jenner has put them at the forefront of brands to watch! 


Lee Mathews




As a longtime Australian fashion favorite, this cult classic brand consistent produces rustic garments with dependable construction. Their cool-girl aesthetic is hard to ignore and it is simple to see why it has had the market in their corner since their conception.


Anna Quan




This brand’s unmatched tailoring and warm color palette provide a pin-worthy look that every minimalist would die for. Anna Quan’s suits outlast even the hottest summer days with elevated structure and versatile pieces.

Did you see anything you liked or already love? We hope this post offered some inspiration for your fashion finds and gave you a way to spend Australia Day the right way: wearing what you love, every day!


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