Materia Design Gel Bracelet Contemporary Jewelry

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These unique geometric bracelets are made of "techno-gel" - a molded silicone. 

Approx. measurements: 3 x 1 inch (outer square shape)

Made in Italy

True Contemporary Jewelry, c. present

New condition 

talkingfashion notes from the site annieaime: (...)"Materia Design is for Rosalba Galati and Laura Santi the result of a shared passion for materials and their pliability. An esplorative energy guides both hands and mind towards the creation of jewelry new in shape and perceptually diverse in conception.

Unlike traditional jewelry, its preciousness is obtained through playful creativity and free use of forms.

The two-woman team’s exceptional sensitivity to form and detail, their unusual use of materials and contrasts contribute to turning an intuition into a decorative item that surprises, delights and, through its sensorial power, matches the style of the wearer.

From the very beginning, their creations meet a favourable and enthusiastic public response: this positive result together with their love for challenge, lead Rosalba and Laura to better define their project by partecipating to selected public events which best represent them".